Manchester United vs Hull City Highlights 10/1/2017

Manchester United against Hull City in the EFL Cup 2017 semi final the first leg took place on Tuesday 10th January at Old Trafford. It is by no means a reality that they are on their way to the first Wembley final of Mourinho’s Old Trafford days. But it is a lot more convenient than the one-goal margin they had previously enjoyed. Manchester United vs Hull City Highlights of the recently played game in given below..

Manchester United vs Hull City Highlights

Manchester dominated the first half of the game in terms of possession and chances created but they failed to hit even a single goal. Even after hitting 18 shots on the goal no goals were scored till the time. In the second half, on 51st-minute Rooney hits the ball toward the goal it seemed that Manchester have scored their 1st goal but they missed, Wayne shot oddly.

Just 5 minutes after Wayne missed the shot, Mata breaks the deadlock with a beautiful assist from Mkhitaryan. Mkhitaryan with a looping header back across goal. Mata turns it to the goal. On 59th minute Manchester United made their first substitution which made Wayne Rooney go off the game.

On 73rd minute Pogba delivered a free kick but missed the shot by hitting the pole. While on 87th minute the game changed, United have got the second Fellaini scores! Excellent battling down the left from Martial, plays it to Darmian – who has had a very good match indeed. A deep cross from him and there’s big Marouane at the back stick, impressive leap, and a good header. That makes it two and that’s surely the end of it for Hull.

Manchester United vs Hull City Highlights

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