Hockey World League 2017 Round 2 of Women’s Live Coverage, schedule & LIVE SCORE

FIH Hockey World League is the international field hockey tournament. The women’s Hockey World League round 2, which will take place on 1st April and it will until 9th April 2017 in Canada. In the second round of Women’s HWL 2017, total 7 teams are participating to play. Here You have to watch Wome’s Hockey World League Live Streaming online.

The top teams receive a bye to the HWL Round 2 or Semifinal event depending on the FIH World Rankings at the time of seeking entries number which also varies depending on the edition. Total seven teams are participating into two Pool, that is listed below.

Pool A Pool B
India Canada
Belarus Chile
Uruguay Mexico
Trinidad & Tobago

Hockey World League Live Streaming
Watch Hockey World League Live Streaming

Hockey fans, You able to watch Hockey World League 2017 Round 2 of Women’s Live Coverage on TV and Streaming online. The tournament Live coverage available free of charge to viewers on FIH’s streaming site and will be powered by FIH’s streaming partner, Vienna-based unas media productions (

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Not only watch through above medium But also you can also watch all matches of the Women’s HWL second round on FIH Youtube channels and FIH Live Sports TV. While Indian viewer can watch online on Let’s see the schedule of the FIH WHL for women’s.

 Women’s HWL schedule for Round 2

Indian Time Pool Team 1 Team 2 Date
01:00* A India Uruguay Saturday 1 April
03:45* B Chile Trinidad & Tobago
06:00* B Canada Mexico
01:00* A Belarus India Sunday 2 April
03:45* B Mexico Trinidad & Tobago
06:00* B Chile Canada
Monday 3 April
03:45* A Uruguay Belarus Tuesday 4 April
06:00* B Canada Trinidad & Tobago
03:45* QF1 2nd Pool A 3rd Pool B
  Wednesday 5 April
06:00* QF1 2nd Pool B 3rd Pool A Thrusday 6 April
Friday 7 April
01:00* 5 / 7 Loser Match 11 4th Pool B Saturday 8 April
03:45* SF2 1st Pool A Winner Match 11
06:00* SF2 1st Pool B Winner Match 10
01:00* 5 / 6 Winner Match 12 Loser Match 10 Sunday 9 April
03:45* 3 / 4 Loser Match 13 Loser Match 14
06:00* Final Winner Match 13 Winner Match 14

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